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When the LA riots/uprising/civil unrest exploded in 1992, images of destruction beamed across the globe with little context as to why these events had occurred. We hope K-TOWN‘92 offers a path to better understand Los Angeles before and after 1992.

2017 Grace Lee
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As a Korean American, it’s just been extremely frustrating to have such a limited perspective. There were a lot more factors at play. But those were the images that remain. K-Town ’92 is both a media critique, and a presentation of other stories that disrupt that.

Grace Lee, director, to Center for Asian American Media

When the LA riots/uprising/civil unrest exploded in April 1992, images of destruction beamed across the globe with little context as to why these events had occurred. TV news focused on African Americans, Latinos, and Koreans as both victims and perpetrators of violence with little regard for other perspectives. Through K-TOWN’92, award-winning director Grace Lee brings stories of Asian-American experience and the deep-rooted histories of low-income communities of color into greater public consciousness.
K-TOWN’92 is an interactive documentary that allows users to both disrupt mainstream images of communities of color while uplifting new perspectives.This project compiles interviews from neighborhood residents, journalists, artists, academics, attorneys, activists, and many other individuals who were involved in the events of April 1992. The web platform offers multiple channels from which to navigate the stories, such as an interactive video narrative as well as an index of video clips that are organized by tags. K-TOWN’92 explores topics through tags such as race (korean, latinx, black), education, stereotypes, violence, amongst many others that allow users to have a more comprehensive understanding of the multiple dimensions of the story. A 15-minute companion documentary short, K-TOWN’92 Reporters , has premiered in community screening events as well venues such as the L.A. Film Festival.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,ES,KO
Country : United States
Year : 2017
Author : Grace Lee
Producer : Flash Cuts
Team : Eurie Chung,Jin Yoo-Kim,Kathy Lo
Developers : Folder Studio
Designers : Folder Studio
Exhibition Venues : LA Asian Pacific Film Festival
Budget Range : $200k
Funders AND Incubators : California Humanities,Center for Asian American Media,CPB,Ford Foundation,PBS/POV Hackathon
Trailer :

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