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Kusunda is a voice-driven virtual reality experience that explores the disappearance and revitalization of a language.

2021 Felix Gaedtke,Gayatri Parameswaran,Gyani Maiya Kusunda,Hima Kusunda,Lil Bahadur Kusunda
EN,Kusunda(KU),Nepali(NE) Visit the project

Kusunda celebrates the efforts of its co-creators, a tight knit indigenous community in Nepal that is working hard to revitalize their mother tongue against all odds.

NowHere Media, Producer, to Docubase

Kusunda is a docufiction voice driven virtual reality experience that’s co-created together with the Kusunda community in Nepal. This installation invites audiences to speak an endangered indigenous language. Kusunda shaman Lil Bahadur has forgotten his indigenous mother tongue. His granddaughter, Hima, wants to revive it.

Kusunda was created with Unity, Blender and Tilt Brush. The protagonists were filmed volumetrically using the Microsoft Kinect Azure with DepthKit with one sensor and a DLSR to capture the volumetric video. The surrounding environment was captured using photogrammetry. Memories of the protagonist were recreated with 3D animations and using Tilt Brush. All the animations were captured using motion capture with an OptiTrack system. A neural network trained for speech recognition enabled voice based interactions which carve the user’s path through the narrative, unlocking storyworlds and memories related to specific words. 

Additionally, the producers created a non-interactive 360 version of the piece, to distribute on cardboards in the community.

Preservation Wishes

We would like KUSUNDA to find a safe and respectable place in Metaverse.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,Kusunda(KU),Nepali(NE)
Country : Germany,Nepal,Sweden,Switzerland,Taiwan
Year : 2021
Author : Felix Gaedtke,Gayatri Parameswaran,Gyani Maiya Kusunda,Hima Kusunda,Lil Bahadur Kusunda
Producer : Fasad,INVR,NowHere Media,Poke Poke Creative
Team : Aliki Tsakoumi,David Segal,Emma Creed,Kristina Jüngic,Kuan-Yuan LAI,Mads Michelsen,Mia von Kolpakow,Prof. Christian Iseli,Sonke Kirchhof,Tobias Baumann
Developers : Tobias Wehrum
Designers : Azad Balabanian,Henning Schild,Jessica Zippel,Moritz Mayerhofer,Tobias Baumann
Exhibition Venues : Beijing Independent Film Festival,Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2021,IDFA DocLab,Sandbox Immersive Film Festival,Tribeca,Venice Film Festival,VRE Selection 2021
Awards & Nominations : Now Awards: Tribeca Festival 2021 Storyscapes Award,VRNow Grand Prize 2021 and Best Immersive Cinema 2021.
distribution : Location Based Exhibition and SteamVR
Budget Range : €360000
Funders AND Incubators : Artizen,Danish Arts Council,ESoDoc,HTC Vive,Kaleidoscope DevLab,Kaohsiung VR Lab,Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH,Rudolf Augstein Stiftung,Sundance Institute,Sundance New Frontier Lab,Swedish Film Institute,Vulcan Productions,Zurich University of the Arts(zHdK)
Trailer :

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