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_La Cité des Mortes

One of the earliest web documentaries, Upian’s “La Cité des Mortes” is an interactive memorial to the more than 400 women who have been murdered in Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez since 1993.

2005 Jean Christophe Rampal,Marc Fernandez
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“En 2003, lorsque Jean-Christophe Rampal, Marc Fernandez et moi-même abordons l’idée de traiter ensemble l’affaire des mortes de Juárez sur le web, nous employons immédiatement l’expression Webdocumentaire. Ce néologisme nous semble tout à fait naturel. Mais que signifie-t-il exactement?”

Alexander Brachet, Producer, to La Cité des Mortes Blog

Ciudad Juárez, located on the US-Mexican border, is considered one of the most dangerous cities on earth. Since 1993, more than 400 women have been murdered and the majority of the crimes remain unsolved, even uninvestigated, as corruption and drug-related violence decimate civic institutions. An online companion to Jean-Christophe Rampal and Marc Fernandez’s book, La ville qui tue les femmes, enquête à Ciudad Juárez (The City that Kills Women: A Survey of Ciudad Juárez) as well as a Canal+ documentary of the same name, Upian’s interactive documentary La Cité des Mortes (The City of the Dead) memorializes the victims of Ciudad Juárez and tells the stories of activists and investigators fighting for justice. Incorporating documentary photographs and video with imagery from Google Earth, the site also explores digitally-enabled locative storytelling.

La Cité des Mortes was one of the earliest web documentaries, premiering in 2005 after several years of development. Built in Flash, the project won a 2006 Click d’Or award.

Project at a Glance :

Language : FR
Country : France
Year : 2005
Author : Jean Christophe Rampal,Marc Fernandez
Producer : Upian
Team : Alexandre Brachet,Estelle Larrivaz
Awards & Nominations : Click d’Or Winner
Funders AND Incubators : CNC
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