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_Laika’s Adventure

“Laika’s Adventure” is an educational experiment starring a robot trying to make her way home.

2011 Lance Weiler
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“Some of the biggest challenges for me have been looking at story and saying; how can I make it more meaningful? How can I make it more impactful? How can I make stories that have more value?”

Lance Weiler, Author, in The Eye Opener

Laika’s Adventure is an educational experiment that teaches collaboration and problem solving. Children in classrooms more than 1,000 miles apart worked together to help Laika, a robot who had crash landed in Montreal from an alien world, find her way to Los Angeles where a rocket ship was waiting to take her home. “Powering” Laika with their stories, students developed their scientific and creative skills by helping the robot navigate her unfamiliar geography. When Laika reached L.A., she boarded a rocket and was shot into space, along with the children’s stories and work. The project organizers’ hope was that whenever the children who participated looked up into the night sky, they would think of Laika and be reminded of how far their imaginations could carry them.

Experience designer Lance Weiler created Laika’s Adventure. Weiler and his collaborators hope to expand the project into an experiential learning initiative, Reboot Stories. This project would use object-based storytelling techniques to foster experience-based learning.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2011
Author : Lance Weiler
Producer : Reboot Stories
Team : Atley Loughridge,Janine Saunders
Funders AND Incubators : Doctor Julian Foundation,StoryPirates,Tribeca Film Institute New Media Fund
Trailer :

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