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_Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires

An interactive story machine, “Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires” profiles one of France’s most popular radio game shows.

2013 Philippe Brault
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“Il y a un réel paradoxe entre l’interface, plutôt joyeuse, ludique et le travail documentaire qui, s’il porte un regard tendre, met en lumière une réalité difficile.”

Alexandre Brachet, Producer, in The Documentary Blog

Le Jeu des 1000 Histoires (The Game of 1000 Stories) is a web documentary centering on Le Jeu des 1000 Euros (The Game of 1000 Euros), the oldest radio quiz show in France, first launched in 1958. Currently hosted by Nicolas Stoufflet and Yann Paillerret, Le Jeu des 1000 Euros broadcasts daily from various locations all over France. Competitors answer trivia questions of escalating difficulty for a chance to win 1000 Euros.

In Le Jeu des 1000 HistoiresPhilippe Brault created a project centering on those who listen to Le Jeu des 1000 Euros as well as those who produce it. The web documentary is an experiment in interactivity, allowing web visitors to construct their own narrative. Similar to a slot machine, web visitors line up three stories in any order, then press select to create their own personalized narrative.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,FR
Country : France
Year : 2013
Author : Philippe Brault
Producer : France Inter,Radio France,Upian
Team : Alexandre Brachet,Gregory Trowbridge,Nicolas Stoufflet,Sébastien Brothier,Upian,Yann Pailleret
Developers : Nicolas Menet
Funders AND Incubators : CNC
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