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_Life On Hold

An intimate view of Syrian refugees’ daily lives, depicting both struggle and hope.

2015 Dima Shaibani,Ralph Dfouni,Reem Haddad
AR,BS,EN,TR Visit the project

Tending to the content means above all pruning the superfluous. Until only the essence of what needs to be conveyed remains…The kind of impressionistic perspective we achieve can only be told in an interactive form.

Reem Haddad and Dima Shaibani, Producers, to i-Docs

Life On Hold, an interactive documentary from Al-Jazeera, introduces viewers to ten Syrian refugees living in Lebanon. The project explores their stories through video profiles, photos, environmental sound, and maps of their journeys. Each character’s page functions like an audiovisual scrapbook, giving viewers an immersive glimpse of their daily life. Syrian artist Tammam Azzam also created a digital wall for each character, showing exactly how many days they have been refugees for. Imagery based on their memories fades away as the number rises. Each wall is also a repository for positive comments: viewers can submit encouraging messages for characters, and these are displayed as twinkling stars. With this creative and multifaceted approach, Life on Hold offers a vision¬†of humanity and hope.

Project at a Glance :

Language : AR,BS,EN,TR
Country : Canada
Year : 2015
Author : Dima Shaibani,Ralph Dfouni,Reem Haddad
Producer : Al Jazeera,Kngfu
Team : Alex Boisselle,Christelle Franca,Elise Zamia,Tammam Azzam
Developers : Kngfu
Designers : Kevin Lo
Funders AND Incubators : Al Jazeera
Url :
Trailer :

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