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_Living Los Sures

Participatory documentary “Living Los Sures” captures the rich, multicultural history of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood.

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“Part omnibus film, part media archeology, part deep-map and city symphony, the project uses Los Sures, a brilliant work of cinema verité  directed by Diego Echeverria in 1984, as a starting point for the investigations of more than 30 artists over the course of four years.”

Union Docs, Living Los Sures

Long before Williamsburg, Brooklyn was considered one of the United States’ trendiest neighborhoods, it was an immigrant stronghold with a deeply-rooted Puerto Rican community. In the 1970s and 1980s, the southside of Williamsburg was known locally as Los Sures. Filmmaker Diego Echeverria memorably captured the community in his 1984 documentary Los Sures.

A tribute to Echeverria’s film, Living Los Sures also updates his work. Williamsburg-based filmmaking collaborative Union Docs used Los Sures as a starting point to explore the transformations Williamsburg has undergone in the 30 years since Echeverria’s film. Their participatory documentary follows long-time community members and local artists to create a rich, multi-layered portrait of the neighborhood.

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