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_MAFI (Mapa Fílmico de un País)

Contributing to the visual memory of Chile and fostering social reflection based on images.

2012 Antonio Luco,Chritopher Murray,Ignacio Rojas,Pablo Nuñez
EN (subtitles),ES Visit the project

MAFI is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the documentary form in order to contribute to the visual memory of the country and foster social reflection based on images.

Diego Pino Anguita, MAFI TV Producer.

Mafi TV is a web platform composed of documentary pieces about present day Chile. The structure of the work is simple and original: fixed frames, short video pieces and the clean sound of the record. The aim is to capture fragments of the state of the country in order to create a filmic map through an authorial, thoughtful, high-quality visual look.  These films, from all over Chile, marked by the personal views of the authors presented in stimulating images, offer the viewer a space to reflect and discuss our history, present and times ahead.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN (subtitles),ES
Country : Chile
Year : 2012
Author : Antonio Luco,Chritopher Murray,Ignacio Rojas,Pablo Nuñez
Producer : Diego Pino Anguita,MAFI Foundation
Team : Antonio Luco,Carla Wong,Carlos Reyes,Catalina Alarcón,Christopher Murray,Constanza Miranda,Daniela Camino,Diego Pino Anguita,Felipe Muñoz,Francisca Barraza,Gabriel Fuentes,Ignacia Merino,Ignacio Rojas,Isabella Jacob,Israel Pimentel,Josefina Buschmann,Juan Francisco González,Pelayo Lira
Developers : Pablo Nuñez
Designers : Tamara Uribe
Exhibition Venues : ChaCo,IDFA DocLab
Budget Range : $100K
Funders AND Incubators : Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (Minister of Culture of Chile)
Trailer :
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