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_Man with a Movie Camera: Global Remake

Participatory project “Man with a Movie Camera: Global Remake” celebrates the work of avante garde Soviet filmmaker Dziga Vertov.

2007 Perry Bard
CH,EN,ES,FR Visit the project

“Vertov’s 1929 film is a great point of departure for the Internet because it has so many dimensions from the documentary to the performative to the effects along with its use of an archive which translates to a database and it’s a film within a film…. It seemed like a perfect vehicle for global input and in keeping with Vertov’s intentions as a filmmaker.”

Perry Bard, Author, to Rhizome

Man with a Movie Camera: Global Remake is a crowdsourced recreation of Dziga Vertov’s now-iconic avant-garde silent film, Man with a Movie Camera.  Artist Perry Bard broke down Vertov’s film shot-by-shot and put out a worldwide call for submissions. People could recreate each shot in any way they chose. Each day, the code powering Global Remake pulls a shot at random from a database to reconstruct a new crowdsourced version of Man with a Movie Camera, ensuring the film will never be the same twice. Both a tribute and an experiment, Man with a Movie Camera: Global Remake celebrates the participatory and exploratory dimensions of Vertov’s own work.

Project at a Glance :

Language : CH,EN,ES,FR
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2007
Author : Perry Bard
Producer : Cornerhouse,ENTER_,Lumen,Site Gallery in association with the BBC,The Bigger Picture
Team : John Weir,Steve Baun
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab,Leeds Film Festival,Montreal Biennial,Remixed Arts Festival,Toronto International Film Festival,Transmediale Berlin,YouTube Play Biennial
Awards & Nominations : Prix Ars Electronica
Funders AND Incubators : Arts Council England,Canada Arts Council,Experimental Television Center
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