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_Nairobi Berries

A poetic city symphony on Nairobi created by Kenyan artist Ng’endo Mukii in virtual reality.

2017 Ng'endo Mukii
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“The title, Nairobi Berries, is a play on words for us. We often talk of ‘Nairoberry’ which refers to our high rate of crimes and robbery. I was contemplating on the why of this culture, what we are seeking that creates pervasive hording and petty crime. These are the ‘fruits promised.’ The dream that one day we will also live lavishly and reap the bounty that this city has to offer, its fruits; Nairobi Berries.”

Ng’endo Mukii, Author

Nairobi Berries is a VR experience created by Kenyan artist Ng’endo Mukii. The film is a poetic symphony on Nairobi, consisting of a lyrical voice-over by Mukii alongside surreal, layered images of Nairobi. Mukii’s synopsis of the film reads, “In the empty spaces we cannot claim as our own, in forests full of smoke and beneath still waters. two women and a man wrangle. Each must hollow out the other’s core for fruits promised by only ever borne in dreams. For this is Nairobi, the city we call home.”

According to Mukii, her work focuses on relationships, the separation between perception and reality, and the use of moving image to represent unspoken truths. When describing her process for creating Nairobi Berries, she said, “When I was story-boarding the film, my main concern was to use the space to create a dream-like state and to make the audience occupy the space with the feeling that this created world is constantly happening around them. I wanted it to feel like a waking dream.”

Nairobi Berries was supported by Electric South’s New Dimensions Grant, an award that supports African artists from a spectrum of creative disciplines to explore 360 filmmaking.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Kenya
Year : 2017
Author : Ng'endo Mukii
Producer : Electric South,Goethe-Institut
Team : Judy Nyawira,Simon Ratcliffe,Stephen Abbott,Wanyoike Kimani
Developers : Ng'endo Mukii
Designers : Harrison Mutinda
Topics : Africa,Control,Dreams,Power
Technologies : 360 Video,Oculus
Exhibition Venues : Astra Film Festival
Awards & Nominations : Astra Film Festival,Berlinale,d'Asia e America Latina,Durban International Film Festival,Encounters Film Festival (Bristol),Encounters South African International Film Festival,Fakugesi Festival,Festival del Cinema Africano,republica GmbH,The People’s Film Festival,World VR Forum Festival
Funders AND Incubators : Bertha Foundation,Big World Cinema,Blue Ice Docs,Goethe Institut
Trailer :

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