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_One in 8 Million

A collection of over 50 short profiles of New Yorkers, told through audio interviews and photographs.

2010 New York Times
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“If you have three minutes, you can only hit, probably at most, three notes, not even three topics, it’s like three building blocks. You can introduce one point, which layers on another point, which layers on another point. As soon as you try to give a whole biography or autobiography, of somebody in three minutes, then you’re failing.”

Sarah Kramer, Senior Multimedia Producer, New York Times, in NYTimes blog Lens


How can one possibly sum up the diversity of New York City? In 2010 a team of New York Times media-makers took to the streets looking for short stories part and parcel to the city’s grand narrative. The result was over 50 short and intimate portraits of New Yorkers from the iconic to the incognito—a young detective, a teen mother, a subway busker, a wedding dress specialist. Photographs in bold black and white play over raw stories in their owns words of life in, and as, New York. The photo essays are all accessible from a scroll-through database on the New York Times website. The series won an Emmy in the “New Approaches to Documentary” category.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2010
Author : New York Times
Producer : New York Times
Team : Alexis Mainland,Andrew DeVigal,Jodi Rudoren,Juliet Gorman,Meaghan Looram,Sarah Kramer,Todd Heisler,Tom Jackson
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab
Awards & Nominations : Emmy (New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming)
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