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_Our First Loves

A collection of short odes and confessionals to “first loves.”

2009 Jeremy Gilbert,Susan Mango Curtis
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“New media journalism can be the ultimate equalizer, a proof of the human condition.”

Our First Loves

A first love can be the most intimate and revealing part of someone, but it’s also a shared fact of life, like the first day of school. Students at the Medill School of Journalism wanted to investigate the diversity of first loves, and at the same time express the connectivity between these individual experiences. Our First Loves features a broad and intimate archive, from high school sweethearts and elderly romance, to the love of art, music, and stuffed animals. An age-graph visualizes the results into a whole life-long tale of emotion. Users can tag their reactions, like if the story made them “want to giggle” or “make an e-dating profile.” Users can also post their own stories.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2009
Author : Jeremy Gilbert,Susan Mango Curtis
Producer : Medill School of Journalism
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