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_Pirate Fishing: An Interactive Investigation

Pirate Fishing is an interactive online game placing users in the role of an investigative journalist researching illegal fishing in West Africa.

2012 Al Jazeera America,Orlando Von Einsiedel
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We wanted to see justice being done, to witness and film an illegally operating trawler being apprehended by the authorities at sea. But as a quick glance at a map will show, that was going to be easier to wish for than to achieve.

Orlando Von Einsiedel, Producer/Director to

This interactive online game from Al Jazeera places users in the role of an investigative journalist uncovering the story of illegal fishing operations off the coast of Sierra Leone. Users learn about the multi-million dollar illegal fishing trade’s negative consequences for West Africans and gain insight into the process of investigative journalism.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2012
Author : Al Jazeera America,Orlando Von Einsiedel
Producer : Davide Lemma,Elizabeth Gorman,Juliana Ruhfus
Team : Alessandro Latrofa,Antonio Bellusci,David Carrus,Edoardo Zavarella,Giulio Rubino,Riccardo Cocozza,Roberto Tafuro
Developers : Altera Studio,Francesco Frammartino
Designers : Altera Studio,Ivan Giordano,Niccoló Albani,Vincenza Peschechera
Topics : Africa,Fishing,Piracy
Technologies : Video,YouTube API
Techniques : Game,interactive,Journalism,Parallax scrolling
Trailer :

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