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_Pop-up Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine is a live magazine, created for a stage, screen and a live audience.

Pop-Up Magazine authors
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Pop-up Magazine is a live, multimedia event in which non-fiction stories are performed on stage by writers, filmmakers, radio producers, photographers, visual artists and musicians. It is a unique event that brings separate art worlds together in an innovative format. Former contributors include renown names such as Alice Walker, Rebecca Solnit, Jad Abumrad and Beck, but anyone can pitch a story through their website. The performances are not documented; one has to experience Pop-Up Magazine live, in its original sensory and collective environment.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Author : Pop-Up Magazine authors
Producer : Anita Badejo,Haley Howle,Pop-Up Magazine,Roseli Ilano,Tina Antolini
Team : Alex Tieghi-Walker,Chas Edwards,Derek Fagerstrom,Douglas Mcgray,Emily Shapiro,Lauren Fisher,Lauren Smith,Leo Jung,Michelle Fernandez,Pop-Up Magazine,Presley Pahl,Scott Polach,Susan Slocum,Tom Rendell
Designers : Annie Jen
Url :
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