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_Refugee Republic

Refugee Republic is an interactive documentary exploring daily life in a Syrian refugee camp.

2014 Dirk Jan Visser,Jan Rothuizen,Martijn van Tol
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Rather than look for horror stories that you read about in the papers or see on television, we wanted to find out about everyday life.

Jan Rothuizen, Artist


Headlines about the refugee crisis are covering front pages worldwide, often accompanied by images of despair. Refugee Republic focuses on a different part of the story in order to expand viewers’ conceptions of the refugee experience. Camp Domiz, in northern Iraq, is home to around 64,000 Syrian refugees, predominantly Kurds. Residents participate in many of the same day-to-day activities as any average citizen: cooking dinner, selling goods, spending time with friends and family, and attending school. Through an interactive illustrated map, viewers can navigate through audio and visual narratives and learn about camp residents in a richly immersive experience.

Project at a Glance :

Language : DU,EN
Country : Netherlands
Year : 2014
Author : Dirk Jan Visser,Jan Rothuizen,Martijn van Tol
Producer : Submarine Channel
Team : Aart Jan van der Linden,Christiaan de Rooij,Jorgen Koolwijk,Yaniv Wolf
Developers : Aart Jan van der Linden
Designers : Christiaan de Rooij
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