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_River of Mud

River of Mud is a 360-video that portrays the survivors of Samarco Dam’s failure in Mariana, Brazil.

2016 Tadeu Jungle
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On November 5th, 2015, the catastrophic failure of the Samarco Dam resulted in the worst environmental disaster in Brazil. Created by Tadeu Jungle, River of Mud is the first Brazilian 360-degree documentary and it depicts the impact of the disaster on the Bento Rodrigues Village and its community.

Jungle uses 360 video to document the devastated village that was washed away by the mud slide. While before and after images are juxtaposed to underline the scope of the tragedy, testimonies of the locals paint a peaceful portrait of the village life that precede the disaster. A man describes the aftermath of the mud slide and the shock that followed, an elderly couple sing a nostalgic tune while a woman talks about the vibrant street life of her neighborhood before bursting into tears — all in front of a mud-covered landscape and ruined houses. The immersive 360 video aims to bring the user closer to ground zero in order to explain the toll of the disaster. 

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,PT
Country : Brazil
Year : 2016
Author : Tadeu Jungle
Producer : Academia de Filmes,Beenoculus,Maria Farinha Filmes
Team : Eduardo Marujo,Francisco Ruiz,Fred Mauro,Marcelo Pallotta,Marcio Farah,Pedra Gebara
Developers : Marcos Nisti,Rawlinson Terrabuio,Tadeu Jungle
Designers : Tadeu Jungle
Topics : Brazil,Environmentalism,Mariana,Samarco,Tragedy,Virtual Reality
Technologies : 360 Video,GoPro
Techniques : 360 Video,Audio,Immersive,Journalism
Exhibition Venues : Cineamazonia,Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video Ambiental,Sunny Side of the Doc
Awards & Nominations : Capô Award
Budget Range : $20K
Trailer :


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