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_ROUND: Cambridge

A sound art installation highlighting the public art of Cambridge, Massachusetts allows visitors to leave geo-tagged commentary for other participants to discover through a specially designed app.

2012 Halsey Burgund
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“Next time you’re in Cambridge, or if you call it home, listen in. Lead us through your city. Make us privy to the inner wealth of your memories or to the workings of your mind.”

Stephanie Cardon, reviewer, at Big, Red and Shiny

Cambridge, Massachusetts is dotted with public art, from community-created murals to modern sculptures. Artist Halsey Burgund layered another artwork over the entire city—in sound. Using an app he created for the project, participants of ROUND: Cambridge walk the city and trigger geolocated content when near a public artwork, gaining access to the recorded audio commentary of other ROUND: Cambridge visitors. They are also invited to record their own thoughts to contribute to the evolving piece.

Burgund decided to release Roundware, his app for in situ sounds as an open source toolkit to empower other makers invested in exploration and location-based storytelling. Part audio tour, part artwork, and part documentary, it offers endless creative opportunities.

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