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Watch the intertwined stories of mother and son, separated for years, as they unfold as two separate films on a single screen.

2013 Lukas Jaramillo
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People come and go, lives intersect for a moment and then diverge. SO|OS reimagines the telling of two intersecting stories by bringing two different documentaries together onto one screen. The stories follow a mother and a son, Janneth and Nicholas, who were separated early in their story when Janneth was forced to give Nicholas up. This documentary finds them at a time when they are struggling to come together again, frustrated by events in their own lives and the difficult history they share.

SO|OS unfolds as a single screen fit with two panels, one showing Janneth’s story, the other Nicholas’s. As the documentary progresses, sometimes one character’s story overtakes the screen, and sometimes they play side by side, addressing each other even when they’re miles apart. The experience evokes the hidden connections that bound this mother and son even when they were on their own, and the delicate balance of conversation and conciliation that we as viewers hope will bring them together.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,ES
Country : Spain
Year : 2013
Author : Lukas Jaramillo
Producer : Ángela Alejandra Gómez,Conchita Guerra C.,Lukas Jaramillo
Team : Alejandra Molina,Cecilia Rosen Ferlini,César López Reyes,Estampa,Jorge Caballero Ramos,Lalo Durand,Maayan Feldman,Magdalena Gacitúa Bello,Masters Program in Creative Documentary of the Autonomous University of Barcelona
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