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_Star Wars Uncut

What do you get when you ask dedicated and creative film fans to remake scenes from their favorite movie? In the case of “Star Wars Uncut,” a wild and crazy mashup that’s as epic as the original.

2010 Casey Pugh
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“The reward for people is doing the work … That’s their favorite part—actually re-enacting the scenes.”

Casey Pugh, Producer, in the New York Times

George Lucas’s classic films have a global community of fans that grows with each passing year. In a convergence of fan culture, amateur filmmaking, and the reach of the web, Star Wars Uncut was born. Project producers segmented the first original film, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, into 15-second scenes. Participants from around the globe claimed a scene and remade it themselves, using everything from live action to 3D animation to puppets. The individualized scenes were then restrung to create a wildly wide-ranging and dynamic remake of this world-famous film.

Not quite documentary in itself, Star Wars Uncut is an example of a crowdsourced project that becomes the document, a record of fandom, fantasy, and creativity. Each scene is a brief window into the lives and Star Wars loves of a global community that rallied around a common passion.

As of 2013, Pugh and his team had already solicited and collected all of the scenes in the next episode of the Star Wars series, “The Empire Strikes Back.” They’re at work on creating the final version of this second installment of Star Wars Uncut.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2010
Author : Casey Pugh
Team : Aaron Valdez,Annelise Pruitt,Bryan Pugh,Casey Pugh,Chad Pugh,Jamie Wilkinson,Justin Hanney
Awards & Nominations : Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media - Fiction
Url :
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