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_Step to the Line

Step to the Line is a VR documentary shot on location at a California maximum security prison that aims to provoke a shift in the viewer’s eyes about prisoners, the prison system, and themselves. 

2017 Ricardo Laganaro
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I wanted to create a piece that made the audience feel like they were with the inmates, having the same emotional experience as the on-site volunteers. I hope that “Step to the Line” has the power to make people realize that they are not that different from someone who serves time.

Ricardo Laganaro, Author, to DocuBase

Step to the Line is a short VR documentary by Brazilian filmmaker Ricardo Laganaro that explores the ways that lives are changed after spending time in prison. The film documents an exercise regularly run by Defy Ventures, a nonprofit that provides a six-month entrepreneurship program for inmates at over 20 prisons in the United States. A group of inmates stand in line facing a group from Defy staff and volunteers, while Defy Founder Catherine Hoke reads statements such as “I’ve lost someone I loved to gang violence” or “I’ve earned four year college degree”. Depending on what statements resonate, participants step towards or away from the line in the center of the room. Shot on location at a California maximum security prison, the project aims to provoke a shift in the viewer’s understanding about prisoners, the prison system, and themselves by showing the common humanity, differing realities, and racial biases experienced by the inmates and volunteers.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Brazil,United States
Year : 2017
Author : Ricardo Laganaro
Producer : Oculus
Team : Amy Seidenwurm,Felipe Vassão,Fernando Porto Alves Alcantara,Janecy Nascimento,Joanne Sprague,Joao Padua,Lauren Burmaster,Leopoldo Joe Nakata,Paula Cuneo,Sabrina Wilkins
Developers : Oculus
Topics : Human Rights,Prison,Race
Technologies : 360 Video,HTC Vive,Nokia Ozo Rig,Oculus Go,Oculus Quest,Oculus Rift
Techniques : Spatial Audio
Exhibition Venues : Edmonton International Film Festival,Future of Storytelling,LucidWeb,Melbourne International Film Festival,Mostra Internacional de Cinema de São Paulo,Sheffield Doc/Fest,We Are One
Awards & Nominations : Special Mention at Limina Creative VR Award 2018
distribution : Meta,Youtube
Budget Range : $40K
Funders AND Incubators : Facebook,Oculus
Trailer :

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