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StreetMusicMap is a multimedia project and collaborative listing of street music performers around the world.

2014 Daniel Bacchieri
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“A digital connected world give us powerful tools to explore different cultures, to get in touch with unique artists in a matter of seconds. If this approach is applied into the music scene, especially into the music performed in the streets, it is possible to access the biggest stage in the world, which scholars have barely begun to research. Once mapped, the street music scene can provide narratives about different cultures, accents, and beats.”

Daniel Bacchieri, Author

StreetMusicMap is a multimedia project and collaborative listing of street music performers from all over the world. StreetMusicMap was created in 2014 by Daniel Bacchieri. As curator and founder of StreetMusicMap, Bacchieri runs the StreetMusicMap Instagram account, which has over 40,000 followers and 1,400 artists documented on video in 97 countries, all filmed by more than 700 collaborators. StreetMusicMap is also the first project to curate street musicians on Spotify, creating global playlists featuring the best buskers in the world.

StreetMusicMap explores the connection between offline and online environments. Street performances recorded on smartphones and shared on social networks promote local music to global audiences. By mapping the global street music scene, StreetMusicMap provides resources to identify patterns in street music around the world.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,PT
Country : Brazil
Year : 2014
Author : Daniel Bacchieri
Developers : Federico Erbes,Franco Rabaglia,Manuel Paiva,Martin Rabaglia
Designers : Teodoro Marques
Topics : Arts and Culture,Community Portrait,Data Journalism,Film,Geography,Journalism,Music,Podcast,Social Networks
Technologies : Carto,facebook,Google Maps,Instagram,SoundCloud,Spotify,Vimeo,YouTube
Techniques : Audio,co-creation,Data Visualization,Geolocation,Video
Awards & Nominations : CityVis,W3 Award,Webby Award
Trailer :

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