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_The Cancer of Time

The Cancer of Time is an interactive and mobile fable about our chronic inability to do nothing.

2014 Dominic Turmel
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This philosophical tale takes us to the frontiers of gaming and animation. Follow an ordinary yet endearing character after a medical examination suspected to be suffering from the disease of the century: the cancer of time.

Today, we are increasingly connected and, more than ever, media syncs to our personality and behaviors, they create a dependency. The technology casts out boredom even before it shows up. Since when did we become incapable of doing nothing? Why do we continually multiply the solicitations, the interactions, and the digital exchanges? And what if we lost that something always chasing out boredom? Dead time is also a space to reflect, to question conventional wisdom and established order. It’s time to retrieve one’s individual and collective space. From boredom arises surprise, spontaneity, astonishment…

This interactive mobile application makes us reconsider our chronic inability to do nothing. Through a philosophical and playful tale, the application leads us on the fringes of game and animation. With its characters and locations, the visuals, sound design and lively aesthetics are akin to animation film. The aim, however, must necessarily follow the gesture—a gesture that is sometimes minimal, slow, and even passive. In the end, we have nothing to lose except time… and nothing to gain except to start thinking about ways to use it.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,FR
Country : Canada
Year : 2014
Author : Dominic Turmel
Producer : Hugues Sweeney (NFB),National Film Board of Canada
Team : Bronson Zgeb,Jean-François Nadeau,Nick Rudzicz,Saleem Dabbous,Samuel Boucher,Stéfan Boucher
Topics : Digital Technology,Internet Addiction,Philosophy
Technologies : Android,iOS,Unity
Techniques : Animation,App,Game,interactive,Touchscreen
Budget Range : $250k
Funders AND Incubators : France Télévisions,MIT Open Documentary Lab,NFB
Trailer :

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