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_The DNA Project

The DNA Project is an interactive documentary that chronicles the creation of musician j.viewz’ newest album.

2014 Jonathan Dagan
EN Visit the project

The DNA Project was born out of a desire to break down the elements that the songs are made of, and to connect with my audience during this process. There are so many dimensions to music beyond the final product, I hope that this project will help unfold them.

j.viewz, Producer and Songwriter

In the DNA Project, musician and producer Jonathan Dagan (alias j.viewz) documents the creation of his newest album. The project allows viewers to peer into j.viewz’ creative process and experience the videos, poetry, imagery, and places that inspire him in his music making.

Viewers can download and remix tracks, and fan comments are woven into the documentary, drawing attention to the communal nature of creating and experiencing music while also demystifying the art of composition.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2014
Author : Jonathan Dagan
Producer : Hello Monday
Developers : Anders Jessen,Torben Dalgaard
Designers : Sebastian Gram
Url :
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