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_Las voces de la memoria

An interactive documentary about Alzheimer’s disease and the curative power of music.

2011 Alex Badia,Dani Fabra,Vicent Peris
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We’ve chosen to focus on how music therapy helps Alzheimer’s patients to enjoy life, to work collaboratively, to relieve the pain,  instead of showing a more dramatic perspective of this hard illness.

Alex Badía, Co-Director The Voices of Memory in Café con vistas

On 26 September, 2010, the audience at the Palau de la Música in Valencia attended a unique concert: the Alzheimer’s choir performed a repertoire of popular songs, a gospel hymn and complex polyphonic exercises. This transmedia documentary reveals how it was possible to do this through months of work with music therapy. The project is innovative in terms of the experience of navigating in the content and the variety of platforms and channels used (music and audiovisual resources, graphics, small games and interactive applications of music therapy). It gives the viewer the freedom to choose what she wants to watch at each moment, which story to follow, and when to abandon it in search of a new one.

The characters’ personal stories are complimented by multimedia resources, such as interactive video games and expert testimonies. This content facilitates the viewer’s immersion into the world of music therapy. It also incorporates two mobile apps: ‘Alzheimer info’ puts caregivers in contact with associations and resources to facilitate their work; ‘One song one memory’ shares songs and memories across social networks.



Project at a Glance :

Language : CA,ES
Country : Spain
Year : 2011
Author : Alex Badia,Dani Fabra,Vicent Peris
Producer : Asociación de Familiares de Alzheimer de Valencia,Barret Films
Team : Alex Badia,Andreu Signes,Dani Fabra,Dani Palau,Marc Arenas,Salva Fito,Vicent Peris
Developers : Aptitude-Lab
Designers : Aptitude-Lab
Exhibition Venues : DocS. 21
Awards & Nominations : Web2013 Winner
Url :
Trailer :

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