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_Total War: Rome 2

A strategy game set in the classical antiquity period

2013 Sega,The Creative Assembly
EN Visit the project

Whether you’re building a massive maritime trading empire from the shores of Africa, assassinating rival generals in Rome, trying to unite the various German tribes against a common enemy, or using Greek hoplites to fend off war elephants in a narrow mountain pass, Total War: Rome II delivers everything that the setting could offer.


Steve Butts from IGN

Total War: Rome II is a strategy game set in classical antiquity. The game focuses on an inclusive and in-depth portrayal of each culture. The game experience begins in 272 BC and lasts for 300 years, but players have the option to play further.

Total War: Rome II offers a detailed and well-researched take on the history of the Roman Empire, illustrating historical events and contingencies within a turn-based strategy game.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Multinational
Year : 2013
Author : Sega,The Creative Assembly
Producer : Sega
Developers : The Creative Assembly
Designers : James Russell
Trailer :

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