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_Tzina: Symphony of longing

This interactive WebVR experience creates a space out of time to explore memory from an intimate and poetic perspective.

2017 Shirin Anlen
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“How can one get lost in a memory?” is the question that drove this project forward. Tzina: symphony of longing is a story about lost love and things that are no more. This interactive webVR documentary takes place in a square which became a home for the lonely and marginalized characters of the Tel-Aviv. I was fascinated by how the rawness of the volumetric videogrammetry aesthetic and the state of webVR technology can shape and represent inner emotional worlds.”

Shirin Anlen, Author.

This interactive web-based virtual reality documentary explores the fleeting life of a place and the memories that survive them. By using a Kinect DepthKit, the interactive artist Shirin Anlen volumetrically captured Tzina Dizengoff square just before its demolition, along with the sentimental and marginalized characters that inhabited this plaza in Tel Aviv.

The user is invited to wander in this mnemoscape and meet the people drifting around the eclectic water fountain, hearing their nostalgic stories as the day goes by, from dusk to dawn. By staring at the sun, the user can select a different time of the day related to a particular emotional state such as emptiness or disappointment. Other participants can join, taking the form of a pigeon roaming around in this shared melancholic symphony.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,HE
Country : Israel
Year : 2017
Author : Shirin Anlen
Producer : Shirin Anlen
Team : Laura Chen,Udi Ben-Arie
Developers : Avner Peled,Or Fleisher
Designers : Ziv Schneider
Topics : Memory,Urban Life
Technologies : Blender,DepthKit,Fbo Particles,Green sock,HTC Vive,Photoscan,Potree,Shader Particle Engine,Three.js,Web Sockets,webGL,webVR
Techniques : Immersive,Multiplayer,Photogrammetry,Virtual reality,volumetric capture
Exhibition Venues : Astra Film Festival,b3 biennale,Cannes,DocAviv,Experience Brussels VR festival,Haifa International Film Festival,IDFA DocLab,Paris Play online,SIGGRAPH,T.O webFest
Awards & Nominations : Awwwards Honorable Mention,Best digital story Juan Downey Contest - 13 Bienal de Artes Mediales Chile,CSS STAR winner,Special KUDOS award- CSS DESIGN
Budget Range : $125k
Funders AND Incubators : !Flab workshop,IDFA DocLab Academy,Rabinovich Cinema project fund,Tel Aviv University
Trailer :


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