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_Walking the Edit

Mobile app “Walking the Edit” builds a film as a user moves through an urban environment.

2010 Ulrich Fischer
FR Visit the project

“The work is a very precise adaptation of place, images, and the use of images in space.”

Ulrich Fischer, Creator, in

Walking the Edit is a smartphone app that combines public media and personal experience into digital storytelling. The app tracks the phone’s geolocation and draws upon a vast database of pre-recorded material—archival, user-submitted, and publicly available—to create a real-time film documenting the user’s journey. The user is able to watch and listen to this film as they make it. The user’s film then becomes available online through the Walking the Edit website.

Since a large media database has to be prepared for each location, the app is only available in six cities so far. The online interface geolocates each clip on an adjacent map. Jumping through the video will change the location of the map and vice-versa.

Project at a Glance :

Language : FR
Country : France,Switzerland
Year : 2010
Author : Ulrich Fischer
Producer : C-Side Productions SA
Team : Ana Cavalleri,Fabrice Truillot,Nicolas Goy,Stephan Burlot
Exhibition Venues : Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma,Geneva Mapping Festival,Image-Mouvement
Awards & Nominations : New Technological Art Award
Funders AND Incubators : Création et production pluridisciplinaire,Image-Mouvement,Pourcent Culturel Migros
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