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_Proyecto Walsh

The Walsh Project is an experimental journalistic piece that uses diverse social media platforms to tell the story and show the research process of Operación Massacre, the story of the 1956 José León Suárez massacre, and the most important book by Argentine investigative journalist and writer Rodolfo Walsh.

2010 Alvaro Liuzzi,Vanina Berghella
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Walsh Project is Argentinian history and investigative journalism in real time.

Alvaro Liuzzi, Author.

Alvaro Liuzzi and Vanina Verghella produced this journalistic experiment aiming to “remix” a remarkable work of classic Argentine journalism, Operación Masacre (Rodolfo Walsh), with a modern vision supported by various digital publishing tools. Operaction Massacre  tells the story of  the José León Suárez massacre, which involved the 1956 capture and shooting of Peronist militants.

In 1957 Rodolfo Walsh with Operación Masacre started a new trend of writing newspaper articles that later received several names (literary journalism, non-fiction, new journalism, etc.). Walsh’s book redefined the borders that separated the practice of journalism and literary narrative, as he tells the story of the shootings that occurred in 1956 in Jose Leon Suarez under the government of Gral. Aramburu is both a milestone in its commitment to journalistic research and a complaint in times of persecution and political assassinations.

Five decades later  two journalists and academics have made a tribute experience and re-construction of the Walsh investigation using digital tools. The project lasted a year, posting multimedia files with current information and transforming the journalistic piece -Operation Massacre- into a new type of project that combined reality and fiction.

Project at a Glance :

Language : ES
Country : Argentina
Year : 2010
Author : Alvaro Liuzzi,Vanina Berghella
Producer : Alvaro Liuzzi,Vanina Berghella
Team : Alvaro Liuzzi,Romina Vázquez (Web Designer),Vanina Berghella
Developers : Romina Vázquez
Designers : Alvaro Liuzzi,Vanina Berghella
Trailer :

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