Inheritance is a moving and intimate exploration of loss, through the lens of the objects a loved one leaves behind.
A Short History of the Highrise

_A Short History of the Highrise

This interactive documentary, designed as an immersive storybook experience, details the 2,500 year history of the highrise building and…
Welcome to Pine Point

_Welcome to Pine Point

"Welcome to Pine Point" profiles an abandoned mining town in Canada’s Northwest Territories, drawing on the memories of its former inhabitants…
The Worry Box Project

_The Worry Box Project

"The Worry Box Project" collected hundreds of confessions from mothers revealing their fears about raising children.
La Cité des Mortes

_La Cité des Mortes

One of the earliest web documentaries, Upian’s "La Cité des Mortes" is an interactive memorial to the more than 400 women who have been…
2nd: The Face of Defeat

_2nd: The Face of Defeat

Interactive photo essay "2nd: The Face of Defeat" investigates the dark side of competition by turning a spotlight on second-place finishers.