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_Magic Leap One

Magic Leap One is a spatial computer headset that allows you to create and project AR experiences.

Magic Leap One is a wearable head-mounted AR system that transposes interactive, holographic 3D imagery over the real-world environment. These wearable goggles work by projecting digital light fields into users’ eyes, and sensor suite that makes digital objects contextually aware. Magic Leap One is useful for not only creating XR experiences for consumers, but also for creators who are testing AR experiences as they are building it. Magic Leap One has a Creator Mode that can be configured with Unity and Unreal Engine.

Magic Leap One operates by a small and portable computer called Lightpack, which runs its own operating system, Lumin OS, with an integrated GPU and CPU that can be clipped onto the user’s body. In addition to the Lightpack and headset, users can navigate Magic Leap One through a handheld controller. This three-part system of headset, Lightpack, and a handheld remote control is referred to by its creators as “a spatial computer,” and affords spatial tracking of the user with freedom of movement, without needing to install sensors.


Project at a Glance :

Company : Magic Leap
Year : 2018
Types : Augmented Reality,head-mounted display
Inputs : 3D Asset,Audio,Biometric Data
Outputs : Augmented Reality
Skill levels : Easy
Costs : $2295
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