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Kamal Sinclair


Kamal Sinclair is a producer, community arts leader, and multi-disciplinary artist. She serves as the Senior Manager of the Sundance Institute’s New Frontier Story Lab, which supports artists working at the convergence of all the creative disciplines and technology.

She is a creative collaborator and producer on the Question Bridge: Black Males transmedia art project. In 2012, she served as a Transmedia Producer at 42 Entertainment. As principal consultant for Strategic Arts Consulting, she worked with major arts institutions on funding and strategic planning for impact initiatives. Early in her career she was a cast member of the Off-Broadway hit STOMP and artistic director of Universal Arts. She graduated with her BFA from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and her MBA from Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business.

In Search of Truth

I’m fascinated by the relationship of “point-of-view” to our understanding of truth. I’m amazed by how vehemently we hold on to our own perspective, when it’s based on something as arbitrary as the position we happen to occupy and the vantage it happens to give us in observing reality. I’m equally amazed by the power of story to transcend those limits, to see through the eyes of others and to broaden our individual perspectives.

Today’s storytellers are advancing story’s ability to uncover the dynamic, complex, and nuanced nature of truth while further liberating our minds and hearts to greater possibilities of it. They are collecting micro-stories, allowing us to embody diverse POVs and aggregating them to reveal macro-stories that no one person could have conceived. Although these forms are not new, technology has increased the scope and capacity of these projects in boundary-shattering ways. This playlist illustrates some of the ways these storytellers are leveraging new tools in an age-old search for truth.

_One Day on Earth

One day a year, thousands of filmmakers from across the globe capture their singular experiences of life on earth, which are brought together to form this unique global vision of humanity.

_Flight Patterns

A data visualization of plane flights in the United States during a 24-hour period.

_We Feel Fine

"We Feel Fine" visualizes emotional "data," creating a record of people's emotions as expressed on blogs and social media.

_18 Days in Egypt

"18 Days in Egypt" is a participatory crowdsourced documentary about the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

_Highrise: Out My Window

In the Emmy Award-winning web documentary "Out My Window," filmmaker Katerina Cizek explores highrise living around the world.

_Balloons of Bhutan

In the participatory documentary project "Balloons of Bhutan," artist Jonathan Harris investigates happiness in all its forms.

_Austin Music Map

The "Austin Music Map" captures the stories—past and present—of Austin’s rich music scene.


A team of miniature robots developed at MIT makes a documentary about humans, disarming their subjects with their engineered “cuteness.”

_I Want You to Want Me

"I Want You to Want Me" uses data scraped from online dating profiles to explore love, desire, and identity.

_The Johnny Cash Project

A crowdsourced music video, "The Johnny Cash Project" pays tribute to the iconic Man in Black.

_Sandy Storyline

"Sandy Storyline" is a participatory documentary that collects and shares stories about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on our neighborhoods, our communities and our lives.

_7 billion Others

The participatory project "7 billion Others" documents the diversity of the world’s population, containing 6,000 interviews with people from 84 nations.

_The Sexperience 1000

The sexual experiences of 1,000 British individuals are brought together in an engrossing demystification of the sex lives of others.

_Highrise: One Millionth Tower

In "Highrise: One Millionth Tower," filmmaker Katerina Cizek, the residents of a Toronto apartment building, and a group of architects used webGL to reimagine a residential highrise, creating an interactive documentary that captured their aspirations for the community.

_Hip Hop Word Count

A database of the lyrics to more than 50,000 rap songs dating back to 1979, "Hip Hop Word Count" is a tool that's catalyzing beautiful data visualizations and insights into the changing meanings of one of the most ubiquitous art forms of American culture.

_Life in a Day

Crowdsourced documentary "Life in a Day" paints a picture of life on earth using 80,000 clips posted to YouTube.


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