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_1979 Revolution Game

1979 Revolution is a documentary game set in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution

2015 Navid Khonsari
AR,DE,EN,ES,FA,FR,ZH Visit the project

A truly revolutionary game.

New Yorker

Converging documentary storytelling with the interactivity of video games, 1979 immerses players into the profound chaos of the people – where ideology, loyalty, sacrifice and betrayal are abound in a city under siege — and the decisions you make are crucial.

1979’s first episode, Black Friday, features a myriad of provocative characters roused by high stakes events, while the apolitical player-protagonist Reza, works as young photojournalist documenting the revolution. With 1979, iNK Stories pioneers an innovative approach to non-fiction storytelling; seamlessly integrating actual documentary content, emotionally impactful narrative, intuitive gameplay, historical integrity, high production value aesthetics and interactive decision-making.

Created by Navid Khonsari, a gaming veteran known for his contribution to the Grand Theft Auto Series, he brings authentic precision to the vibrant, historical and culturally never-before represented real world of Iran to a game. Labeled a spy for the US government by Iranian Hardliners, Khonsari is committed to imparting the complexities of the people’s plight through an impactful narrative commercial game.

Due to release in the Spring of 2015, 1979 has already struck a cord with mainstream media outlets, some of which include The Guardian, The New Yorker, CNN, Al Jazeera, NPR, BBC, Fast Company, WIRED and Time Magazine, who called it one of the “best ideas of 2014” for its innovation in merging documentary storytelling with gaming. 1979 Revolution Game is supported by the Sundance Institute and was incubated at the New Frontiers Lab ’14. The participation of our key advisers Karim Sadjarpour, Jack Goldstone, Rasool Nafisi and photojournalist Michel Setboun underscores 1979’s commitment to the integrity of the project.

Currently in production 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is designed for as a 2-hour experience. Developed for iOS, Android, PC, MAC and Consoles. It will be released in May 2015.

Project at a Glance :

Language : AR,DE,EN,ES,FA,FR,ZH
Country : United States
Year : 2015
Author : Navid Khonsari
Producer : Adam Neuhaus,Andres Perez-Duarte,iNK Stories,Jason Schreiber,Jeff Birns
Team : Vassiliki Khonsari
Developers : Mr. Phoenix
Designers : Navid Khonsari,Vassiliki Khonsari
Exhibition Venues : Sundance
Funders AND Incubators : Sundance Institute
Url :
Trailer :


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