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_48 Hour Games

Video game mechanics and interface features power players through this “choose your own adventure” doc about the Nordic Game Jam.

2012 Suvi Andrea Helminen
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“When I applied to film school in 1999, I wrote that I wanted to do a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ documentary. But that was before YouTube or anything, so the technology wasn’t there to do it. After I filmed 48 Hour Games, I just woke up one morning and knew that was what I was going to do.”

Suvi Andrea Helminen, Creator, in Media Shift

Every year, the Nordic Game Jam attracts hundreds of video game developers, designers, sound artists, and enthusiasts. Here the rules are simple, but the task is not: gather your team, receive the theme, and design an awesome video game in only 48 hours. The extreme pace and real passion of the participants makes the event a perfect choice for documentary storytelling, but the creators of 48 Hour Games went a step further, encapsulating the game-driven subject of the story in a video game-inspired interactive format.

The full-length film splits into several branching story arcs, which viewers traverse through a series of unfolding choices: Which character would you like to follow? Will you listen in on someone’s private thoughts, or go back to work on the game? Decisions are crucial. In keeping with the “choose your own adventure” style of storytelling, in 48 Hour Games, there is no going back. The project interface also employs classic game mechanics to drive viewers through the piece: certain film clips are tagged as “Graphics,” “Concept,” “Code,” “Keyhole,” and other special finds amidst the labyrinth of materials, spurring a hunt for treasures viewers can unlock as they watch. Seamlessly integrated into the experience, these extras take the form of additional video, soundtracks, and game sketches that heighten the sense of immersion in the world of the Nordic Game Jam.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Denmark
Year : 2012
Author : Suvi Andrea Helminen
Producer : Dajana Dimovska,Knapnok Games,Mikael Windelin,Minerva Film
Team : Anna Lidell,Jonas Sjöwall Haxø,Jonatan Van Hove,Klaus de Leon Heinecke,Sebbe Selvig,Ulrika Ekberg
Exhibition Venues : Århus Film Festival,CPH:DOX,Glasgow Film Festival,New York Film Festival,Odense Film Festival,Roskilde Festival,SXSW,Tempo Documentary Festival
Budget Range : $150k
Funders AND Incubators : New Danish Screen
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