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_Dada Data

A homage to the Dada movement with a contemporary twist.

2016 Anita Hugi,David Dufresne
DE,EN,FR,IT,RO Visit the project

A digital Dada cabaret like a series of six interactive “Dada Hacktions” and an online anti-museum, the DADA-Depot. A viral homage to the Dada Art Movement.

The Dada Art movement, which emerged from a disillusioned post-World War I Europe, aimed to overturn the values and aesthetics of the modern capitalist society. Refusing logic and reason, Dada expressed itself in non-sensical art pieces that were spontaneous, subversive and often the result of chance operations. Dedicated to reviving the spirit of Dada through an interactive and participatory web experience, Dada-Data examines what the movement would have looked like if it had been born in today’s digital and networked culture.

An ad-block that replaces web advertisements with Dada slogans, 3D-printed readymades, tweet-poetry, and a sea of insta-collages are a few of the “Dada-Hacktions” one can find on Dada-Data. The anti-museum “Dada-Depot” is an infinite gallery of Dada personalities, events, slogans, artworks, animated moments from history, and more. Depot’s content shuffles constantly, making it impossible to recreate a route after it has been taken.

In 2016, Dada-Data organized a Hackathon at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich–the birthplace of the original Dada Movement–to create a Digital Dada Manifesto. Fittingly, the end result was not a single grand statement but various takes on Dada in the digital age that can also be found on the Dada-Data web platform.

Project at a Glance :

Language : DE,EN,FR,IT,RO
Country : Switzerland
Year : 2016
Author : Anita Hugi,David Dufresne
Producer : Arte,SSR SRG
Developers : Akufen
Exhibition Venues : DokFest Munich,Festival I Love Transmedia,Festival Nouveau Cinéma,Sheffield Doc/Fest
Awards & Nominations : Grimme OnLine Kultur (Germany),Lovie Awards - Best Design category (England),Numix - Best «Digital piece» (Canada),Site of The Day - March 14th 2016 CSS Design Awards (USA),Site of The Day - March 17th 2016 AWWWARDS (USA),Site of The Day - March 29th 2016 FWA (USA)
Budget Range : €230K
Funders AND Incubators : Arte,SSR SRG
Trailer :

Dada Data

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