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_Family Pictures USA

A collaborative transmedia project and television series exploring USA history through family pictures archives.

2019 Thomas Allen Harris
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“Family Pictures USA seeks to enlarge the country’s understanding of history, our diversity, and our shared values. This transmedia project and television series emerged out of my work with the archive and a practice rooted in personal filmmaking and co-creation.”

Thomas Allen Harris, Author.

In this transmedia project and television series, artist Thomas Allen Harris travels neighborhoods and cities throughout the U.S. inviting community members to share the images and stories inscribed in their family photo albums. Those images work as narrative tools to engage people in an intimate process of community photo sharing, prompting reflections that connect their personal and local narratives with the larger history of the country.

The process results in documentary films, web projects, live interactive performances, and a TV series on the PBS television network. Through the different processes and mediums, a living and growing family album of the US is co-created.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2019
Author : Thomas Allen Harris
Producer : Digital Diaspora Family Reuinon,LLC
Team : Amy Shumaker,Don Young,Fernandez,Gail Ablow,Helen Chu,Josh Granger,Lindsey Seide,Mario Lathan,Merilay,Natalie Shmuel,Rachel Raney
Developers : Don Perry,Thomas Allen Harris
Exhibition Venues : CAAM Fest
Url :
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