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_Feed me a story

A transmedia project that goes on a community-based multicultural journey through food.

2016 Laura Nova,Theresa Loong
CH,EN,EN (subtitles),ES Visit the project

“Feed Me A Story was created to encourage people to share secret family recipes in a documentary style video cookbook. By answering questions like “What is your favorite childhood food?” or “What was the first recipe you learned to cook?” the project explores the concept of what it means to be an American and incorporates the quintessential American road trip with cultural history and contemporary influences.”

Laura Nova, Co-Author and Producer.

Food is a central part of people’s lives, a social experience that engages communities around the globe in all kinds of ways. Based on that premise, the transmedia project created by the interdisciplinary artist Laura Nova and the interactive media artist Theresa Loong, explores the diverse multicultural and intergenerational character of the United States through cooking.

Feed me a story combines different media, from fleeting public interventions, documentary video, video animations to a website and the development of a memory collection App, connecting with people from different cultural background and ages.

Using a re-fashioned airline cart fitted with an iPad and video camera, they travel and intervene in public spaces, meeting people and collecting their stories and memories related to food. From the Essex market in New York City during Thanksgiving, where they engaged with vendors and customers and created video recipes like Irma’s combination of Mexican Mole with Turkey, Cara’s Norwegian Lefse, and Michael’s Californian sushi, to a documentary video cookbook created with LaGuardia senior center. Underneath these interventions, there is a process of research on the history and characteristics of the places they work in order to be able to engage with the local communities. They have also partnered with art and cultural institutions in New York like the Brooklyn Museum and Museum of Chinese in America. All their experiences are available on their website. 

Project at a Glance :

Language : CH,EN,EN (subtitles),ES
Country : United States
Year : 2016
Author : Laura Nova,Theresa Loong
Producer : FORM360,Laura Nova,Theresa Loong,Women Make Movies
Team : Ben Donnellon,Essex Street Market,FABnyc,LaGuardia Senior Center,Lauretta Prevost
Developers : Lauren Hasson,Steve Bussetti
Designers : Concentric Studio
Exhibition Venues : The New Museum’s IDEA City Festival
Budget Range : $100K
Funders AND Incubators : Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,National Endowment for the Arts,NYSCA,PBS/POV Hackathon
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