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AIR Media fosters independent media producers and networks across 30 countries.

AIR is a network of independent media producers, encompassing multimedia journalists, radio producers and public media programs and stations in over 30 countries.

Based in Boston, AIR works as an incubator that foster storymakers, projects and public media, with experiences like MQ2 and Localore.

Pushing Boundaries

Independent talent and public media drive innovative storytelling. As we’ve seen at AIR where we work with creative independent multimedia talent, producers are not afraid to push boundaries between different art forms. In part, thanks to the podcasting boom, public media is also incorporating more and more independent talent. Their immersive, transmedia storytelling has led to a golden age of talent in public media and beyond.

This playlist highlights some of the best interactive documentaries to come from independent producers and public media. All of these projects blend multiple types of media that are normally separate. Three of them also let communities organically tell their own stories by handing over the mic (or the camera).


_W.H.Y. We Hear You Project

Raising urban youth voices through mobile-based photography and storytelling.

The W.H.Y. Project gives students the tools and guidance to tell their stories. Young people in San Francisco, Oakland, and Tampa Bay talk about socioeconomic issues in their own communities and learn “a sustainable form of self expression that brings confidence and provides understanding.” It’s a perfect example of how broadening the playing field of storytelling is key to innovation.

_Feed me a story

A transmedia project that goes on a community-based multicultural journey through food.

This project bridges generational and cultural gaps through the most universal part of any culture; we all eat food. Shoppers at Essex Street Market in New York City share food-related memories and their recipes. From these interviews, Feed Me a Story captures both the multicultural and intergenerational diversity of America.

_Pink Trombone

An interactive speech synthesis that visualizes how vocal sounds are produced.

Pink Trombone is a cross between a documentary and a browser game. By giving the user control over a virtual human voice mechanism, this tool teaches more about the voice than any video or lecture ever could. Plus, it’s incredibly fun to play around with.

_Localore: Finding America

Connecting independent producers with local public media to amplify under-represented narratives created with and for the people.

Finding America is AIR’s living documentary. We sent 16 producers into 15 far corners of America. They told new, innovative stories about communities that had traditionally been underreported or reported in sensationalized ways. Because they made stories with people who actually live in these places, they captured what it truly means to live in these parts of the country.

_Say Something Bunny!

A found audio recording from 1950’s New York is unpacked in an immersive performance.

In Say Something Bunny, Alison S. M. Kobayashi explores the lives of a 1950s family through an old wire recording. It’s cross between a private investigation, theater, interactive lecture, video, and more. Through six years of research and an elaborate performance, Kobayashi presents a holistic view of these people.


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