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In an effort to document Canada’s worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the NFB released online profiles of Canadians struggling with the recession every week for a year.

2009 Hélène Choquette
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“The resilience and demands that a human being must confront when faced with crisis situations are surely universal… We also discovered that web users recognize themselves in the stories of those people who work in sectors or industries similar to theirs.”

Hélène Choquette, Director, to

GDP exposes the human cost of the 2008 recession through profiles with Canadians struggling to make ends meet. The project was active for a year (September 2009-September 2010). During that time the GDP team posted new stories each week, producing nearly 14 hours of video in total. The project features profiles of Canadians from diverse walks of life—farmers, radio hosts, auto workers, and journalists, among others. Web visitors can navigate the videos through an interactive mosaic or sort them on a map. The project also features 53 photo essays and encourages website visitors to submit comments and images related to their experience of the crisis.


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