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_Sacrée montagne

Web documentary “Sacrée montagne” explores religion and spirituality through the lens of Montreal’s Mount Royal.

2010 Gilbert Ducxzlos,Hélène De Billy
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“Le Web a un côté organique qui sied très bien à ce projet.”

Hélène De Billy, Director, in Le Devoir

Montreal is named after Mount Royal, a landmark hill now surrounded by the city. Produced by the National Film Board of Canada’s Montreal office, the interactive documentary Sacrée Montagne (Holy Mountain) features geolocated videos and photo essays focusing on the spiritual dimensions of Montrealers’ relationship with Mount Royal. These clips vary from character profiles to expressionistic explorations of life on the mountain. Original music and ambient soundtracks create a sense of immersion, capturing the vibrancy of Montreal life. All the clips focus on the spiritual connections Montrealers have formed with Mount Royal.

Holy Mountain also integrates with Twitter. The documentary scrapes tweets that mention specific locations on Mount Royal and displays them alongside the documentary, allowing the project to remain up-to-date.


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