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_I Want You to Want Me

“I Want You to Want Me” uses data scraped from online dating profiles to explore love, desire, and identity.

2008 Jonathan Harris,Sep Kamvar
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“Personal profiles are modern messages in a bottle, short statements of self, telling not only who people are, but also what people want.”

Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar, Authors, I Want You to Want Me

Commissioned by MoMA, the data visualization project I Want You to Want Me explores love through the lens of online dating. Artist Jonathan Harris and scientist Sep Kamvar collected information from thousands of online dating profiles to create both a database and artistic expression of human desire. Set up on a 56″ touch-screen, I Want You to Want Me converts selected dating profiles into a flurry of blue (male) and pink (female) balloons. Throughout a series of four movements, users both interact with and observe the digital ecosystem. Similar to Harris and Kamvar’s collaboration We Feel Fine, I Want You to Want Me uses data and digital technology to create a portrait of human emotion.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2008
Author : Jonathan Harris,Sep Kamvar
Team : Stars
Exhibition Venues : Design and the Elastic Mind
Funders AND Incubators : MOMA
Url :
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