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A documentary essay on digital storage and memory, augmented by information and content drawn from the online accounts of each individual viewer

2015 Antoine Viviani
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IN LIMBO is a web documentary that is augmented and personalized with excerpts from each viewer’s own online life each time it is watched. This project reflects on what happens with the data we produce and the identities we develop online. IN LIMBO imagines what a documentary essay of this would look like from the point-of-view of the data itself. The experience mixes each user’s own data with noteworthy figures from the field of digital archiving: Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive, or Gordon Bell, an early experimenter with “life-logging”.

By combining social media, mail, and other personal accounts into a linear film, IN LIMBO explores the concept of the “augmented documentary.”

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Canada
Year : 2015
Author : Antoine Viviani
Producer : Arte,National Film Board of Canada,Providences
Team : Alain Damasio,Alexander Knetig,Antoine Viviani,Bojina Panayatova,Brice Pancot,Charlotte de Mezamat,Dominique Willieme,Fréderick Bois,Hugues Sweeney,Jérémy André,La Ruche,Léa Todorov,Louis-Richard Tremblay,Lucas Archambault,Magali Fouquet,Marianne Levy-Leblond,Nancy Huston,Paul Carpenter,Pierre Alain Giraud,Pierre Bariaud,Raphaël Hénard
Developers : Maxime Gravouil,Yves Diffre
Designers : Jérôme Pidoux
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab
Trailer :

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  1. tedleebvb

    artistic and philosophical . really good!

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