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_In the Eyes of the Animal

In the Eyes of the Animal challenges our human-centric reality by turning users into forest animals.

2015 Barney Steel,Ersin Han Ersin,Robin McNicholas
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“Discover forests anew through In the Eyes of the Animal, a 360° cinematic experience immersing you in a vibrant landscape belonging to woodland creatures. Enter this sensory 3D world and be transported on an animated and sonic journey.”

Through a truly immersive VR experience, In the Eyes of the Animal transforms the user into species of the forest, and provides a vision of the world unknown to humans. By embodying the visual and sensory perspectives of different creatures–a midge, then a dragonfly, followed by a frog, and finally an owl–the user explores how these animals see and interact with their surroundings. In the Eyes of the Animal encourages us to leave our human-centric vision for the length of the piece (and perhaps a little longer), and remember the subjective quality of perception.

The image of In the Eyes of the Animal is a composite of laser (Lidar) scans, 360-degree drone footage, computerized tomography (CT), and photogrammetry. Binaural audio simulates the 3D quality of sound in real space, and a vibrating backpack (subpac) adds a physical dimension to the soundscape. The image is built in the game engine vvvv and the positional audio is achieved through audio engine built in MaxMSP. As a result, both the image and the sound are real-time and respond to each user’s unique experience. In the Eyes of the Animal combines multiple techniques and technologies to achieve a full-body immersion in the ecosystem of the Grizedale Forest of England.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United Kingdom
Year : 2015
Author : Barney Steel,Ersin Han Ersin,Robin McNicholas
Producer : Abandon Normal Devices,Marshmallow Laser Feast
Team : Abraham Manzanares,Annatruus Bakker,Antoine Bertin,Ben Larthe,Cristina Tarquini,Eleanor Whitley,Marc Winklhofer,Natan Sinigaglia
Developers : Marshmallow Laser Feast
Designers : Marshmallow Laser Feast
Exhibition Venues : Abandon Normal Devices Festival (AND),Blue Dot Festival,Brighton Digital Festival,Cheongju JIKJI,Clockenflap,Hamsterley Forest,Migrations Festival,Nuit Blanche,Playgrounds Festival,Sonar+D,Sundance,Toronto International Film Festival,YCAM
Awards & Nominations : Design Museum Awards,Sundance New Frontier
Budget Range : £100000
Funders AND Incubators : Arts Council England,Forestry Commission England
Trailer :

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