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Interactive crowdsourced almanac “iSeeChange” documents climate change in small-town Colorado.

2012 Julia Drapkin
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“Will we look back at 2012 and say, ‘Okay, somewhere in the middle, we can all agree that there was something in the wind’?”

Julia Drapkin, Producer, in A Climate Connection for Breakfast

While there may be scientific consensus on global climate change, keeping track of that change—especially in remote areas—can be difficult. An initiative of the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR)’s Localore project, iSeeChange is an online, crowdsourced almanac covering several small towns in Western Colorado. As the local economy is largely based on agriculture, the livelihoods of many area residents are closely tied to the climate. After a 2012 drought wreaked havoc on farming, local radio producers developed iSeeChange to use everyday, human observation as a tool for building community awareness around climate change.

iSeeChange’s online platform is based around time: season, month, day, year. Each section reveals weather patterns on the macro and micro scale. The site features a weekly blogroll of pictures and entries. iSeeChange also supports an active YouTube channel featuring community contributions.


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2012
Author : Julia Drapkin
Producer : AIR,KVNF
Team : Andrea Lecos,Lindsey Wagner,Skuba Design
Developers : Dan Leininger,Lorenzo Moriondo
Designers : Andrea Lecos,Lindsey Wagner
Url :
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