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_I’ve Always Been Jealous of Other People’s Families

This interactive machine-learning installation investigates the mental states of the intelligent machines we create.

2018 Shirin Anlen
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“Just as we are all a result of how we are raised, carrying our early experiences with us as mental baggage – our machines might do the same. As machines develop mental capacities – they may also have the capacity for mental illness. The way an AI perceives the world reflects on our own ways of perception, what can we learn about ourselves from the behavior of machines?”

Shirin Anlen, Author

I’ve Always Been Jealous of Other People’s Families is an interactive machine-learning installation that investigates the mental states of the machines we create. The project, created by Shirin Anlen, is a prologue to a larger project called Marrow, which explores the possibility that the intelligent machines we create can develop mental illness. This project centers around the family portrait of one of Marrow‘s characters, GAN (generative adversarial network), and looks at its origin stories through the memories surrounding a family dinner.


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Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Canada,France
Year : 2018
Author : Shirin Anlen
Producer : Arnaud Colinart,ATLAS V,Emma Dessau,Hugues Sweeney,Louis-Richard Tremblay,National Film Board of Canada,Raycaster,Shirin Anlen
Team : Avner Peled
Developers : Cristobal Valenzuela
Designers : Laura Juo-Hsin Chen
Topics : Artificial Intelligence,mental illness,speculative fiction
Technologies : Artificial intelligence,AttnGan,Denspose,Machine learning,OSC.,pix2pix,SuperCollider,Unity
Techniques : Installation,interactive,Machine learning
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab
Trailer :


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