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_Life in a Day

Crowdsourced documentary “Life in a Day” paints a picture of life on earth using 80,000 clips posted to YouTube.

2011 Kevin Macdonald
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“This is a film that could only be made in the last five years because the proliferation of video cameras on phones has reached such a state that you can get enough people who will have an understanding of how to shoot something.”

Kevin Macdonald, Director, in the Wall Street Journal

With the goal of portraying life on Earth, the participatory feature documentary Life in a Day paints a picture of the global community on June 24, 2010. Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald created the finished documentary from footage submitted to YouTube. Anyone could submit footage to the project; Macdonald received more than 80,000 videos from 192 countries around the world, all filmed on June 24.

The finished documentary had a theatrical release and inspired a UK-centered follow-up project, Britain in a Day, distributed by BBC 2.


Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2011
Author : Kevin Macdonald
Producer : National Geographic,Scott Free Productions,YouTube
Team : Liza Marshall,Ridley Scott
Exhibition Venues : IDFA DocLab,Sundance
Funders AND Incubators : National Geographic,Scott Free Productions,YouTube
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