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_Listen Tree

Designed by two MIT students, ListenTree is an audio-haptic installation embedded into a natural setting.

2014 Edwina Portocarrero,Gershon Dublon,UQAM Students
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Our intervention is motivated by a need for forms of display that fade into the background, inviting attention rather than requiring it. We consume most our of our digital information through devices that often alienate us from our immediate surroundings; ListenTree points to a future where digital information might become enmeshed in material.

-Edwina Portocarrero and Gershon Dublon

ListenTree is an audio-haptic display embedded in the natural environment.  The apparatus, set up underground at the base of a tree, transforms the tree into a loudspeaker.  A visitor to our installation notices a faint sound appearing to emerge from a tree, and might feel a slight vibration under their feet as they approach. By resting their head against the tree, they are able to hear sound through bone conduction. To create this effect, an audio exciter transducer is weatherproofed and attached to the tree trunk underground, transforming the tree into a living speaker that channels audio through its branches. Any source of sound can be played through the tree, including live audio or pre-recorded tracks.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : United States
Year : 2014
Author : Edwina Portocarrero,Gershon Dublon,UQAM Students
Team : Edwina Portocarrero,Gershon Dublon
Developers : Edwina Portocarrero,Gershon Dublon
Designers : Edwina Portocarrero,Gershon Dublon
Funders AND Incubators : MIT Media Lab
Url :
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