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_Manic VR

MANIC VR is a virtual reality experience that combines animation with first-person audio recordings to offer viewers a look into the world of bipolarity.

2018 Dpt.,Fred Casia,Kalina Bertin,Sandra Rodriguez
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If you are anyone in this experience, it’s like you are me listening to these voicemails and trying to imagine what my siblings are going through.

Author Kalina Bertin in an interview at Northeastern University.

Manic VR explores the experiences of the author’s siblings Felicia and François, suffering from bipolar disorder. Guided by voicemails from the siblings, viewers are immersed in a visual world of animation. The audio combines with the vivid imagery to give the viewers the experience of heightened senses, hallucinations, and frightening imagination that can accompany manic depression as described by Felicia and Francois. Additionally, interaction through viewer controls punctuate the visuals over time, such as when viewers are able to see energy and light flowing from their hands as they are floating in the cosmos.

These alterations of reality and the varying level of control allow the viewers to understand the empowerment of mania and the disempowerment of depression. Rather than putting viewers into the shoes of Felicia and Francois. Manic VR allows viewers insight into the real lived experiences of manic depression, as told by an author understanding her siblings more.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN
Country : Canada
Year : 2018
Author : Dpt.,Fred Casia,Kalina Bertin,Sandra Rodriguez
Producer : Dpt.,Eyesteelfilm,Nicolas S. Roy,Sandra Rodriguez
Team : Cory Rizos,David Drury,Fred Casia,Hugo Forget,Kalina Bertin,Nicolas Roy,Sandra Rodriguez,Valerie Shamash
Developers : Alexandre Bordereau,Dpt.,Osquin Zabka,Paul Georges
Designers : Dpt.,Hugo Forget
Exhibition Venues : Ars Electronica Festival,Busan International Film Festival,Camden International Film Festival,Cineteca Madrid,City Doc Fest,One World,Open City Doc Fest,PHI Centre Virtual Reality Garden,Schering Stiftung Berlin,Sheffield Doc/Fest,Taiwan International Film Festival,Winner Golden Nica,Winner Prix Numix,World VR Forum
Awards & Nominations : Best VR DOK Leipzig (2019),Golden Nica,Prix Numix (2019)
Budget Range : $170k (in kind hours),$80k
Funders AND Incubators : Atelier Grand Nord,Canadian Media Fund,DocCircuitMontreal,SODEC,Super Channel
Trailer :

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