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_Pregoneros de Medellín

Pregoneros de Medellín is an interactive web documentary bringing the streets and vibrant culture of Medellín to life.

2015 Ángela Carabalí,Thibault Durand
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Pregoneros de Medellín (Criers of Medellín) was created to highlight Colombian popular culture and street vendors.

Thibault Durand, Author.
In the Colombian city of Medellín, street vendors’ shouts and songs entice visitors and create a unique urban atmosphere. In the interactive documentary project Pregoneros de Medellín, users move around the city by scrolling through streetwalk imagery, and gradually encounter five different street vendors. The soundscape of the city plays an integral part in the experience, as users are alerted that vendors are nearby when they hear their voices. The first character introduced is La Jale, who sells sweets. Users can click on her image and view three short documentary videos about her life. As users progress through the streets, they come upon several other characters: Líder, who sells mazamorra, a type of boiled corn; Pajarito, who has several jobs; Gaucho, who also sells sweets and experiments with new products; and a group from Papá Vanegas Corporación, a home for troubled men. Through a blend of traditional documentary video and interactive user experience, Pregoneros de Medellín highlights the diverse and powerful stories being told by the vendors of Medellín.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,ES,FR
Country : Colombia
Year : 2015
Author : Ángela Carabalí,Thibault Durand
Producer : Grupo Creativo Carabalí,Thibault Durand
Team : Alejandra Tilano,Ana Molina,Andrés Zea,Ángela Castaño,Carlos Arcila,Daniela Espinosa Muñoz,Edwin Osnid Sepúlveda,Esaú Carabalí,Henry Jimenez,Juliana Carabalí,Karla Corrales,Mario Barrios,Sara Espinal Ramírez,Sofía Carvalho
Developers : Thibault Durand
Designers : Nicole Gómez
Exhibition Venues : DOK Leipzig,FilmGate Miami,FIPADOC,Le Mois du Film Documentaire
Awards & Nominations : FilmGate Miami : best interactive documentary
Budget Range : $30k USD (in-kind developer hours),$75k (spent)
Funders AND Incubators : Ministerio de las TIC (Colombia)
Trailer :

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