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_The Hole Story

Drawing on video game storytelling, “The Hole Story” puts audience members in the position of a mining entrepreneur.

2012 Richard Desjardins,Robert Monderie
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“We brought the documentary The Hole Story to the Web because we wanted to introduce the complex world of mining to a new, younger audience. The easiest way to do this was to let them get their hands dirty.”

The Hole Story Team in Think Insights

An interactive companion to a feature-length documentary of the same name, The Hole Story focuses on the untold story of mining in Canada. Putting the user in the perspective of a mining executive who must stake a claim and make it profitable, The Hole Story interactive draws on the techniques of video games to help the audience understand the different forces and concerns at work in the mining industry. Users must contend with irate residents, the fluctuating commodities market, and environmental degradation as they pursue profit. Interviews from the linear documentary contextualize and problematize the choices the user makes in the game. When audience members first log on to the site, they are asked to enter their zip code, allowing The Hole Story team to personalize the entire experience to the user’s local area using the Google Maps API.

Project at a Glance :

Language : EN,FR
Country : Canada
Year : 2012
Author : Richard Desjardins,Robert Monderie
Producer : National Film Board of Canada
Team : Akufen,Audree Lapierre,Frederic Dubois,Hugues Sweeney,Nathalie Cloutier
Funders AND Incubators : National Film Board of Canada
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