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_The LoveStory Project

A universal experience is explored through multicultural lenses in this database documentary about love.

2002 Florian Thalhofer
AR,DE,EN Visit the project

Love: one of the most profound universal human experiences and perhaps the hardest to define. The question of what love is to each one of us motivated creators Florian Thalhofer and Mahmoud Hamdy to interview friends and acquaintances about their own takes on love, interviews from which The LoveStoryProject was born. Utilizing the interactive storytelling platform Korsakow, created by Thalhofer, The LoveStoryProject allows visitors to wend their way through a sprawling archive of personal stories, with each click creating juxtapositions of emotional tenor and unique perspectives that begin to illuminate the multiplicities of understanding surrounding this one tiny word.

In addition to the project’s website, which provides an enduring access point to the ever-growing collection of love stories and interviews, The LoveStoryProject has also been screened as an installation piece in galleries and exhibition spaces around the world.

Project at a Glance :

Language : AR,DE,EN
Country : Egypt,Germany
Year : 2002
Author : Florian Thalhofer
Team : Ahmed Hafez,Amir Nabil,Darren Chow,Enzio Wetzel,Gunther Kreis,Hussien Shaaban,Ibrahim Islam,Jakob Schillinger,Lena Rem,Mahmoud Hamdy,Sascha Pohflepp,Sophie Zeitz,Suzan Said
Exhibition Venues : Berlinale,Electronic Language International Festival (FILE),Festival Du Nouveau Cinéma,Stuttgarter Filmwinter,Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival
Budget Range : $4k
Funders AND Incubators : Goethe Institut
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